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NEW SOLUTION! Coaching for Launch Excellence

What is Coaching for Launch Excellence?

It’s an interactive workshop developed around the idea that coaching during a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative, while based on good coaching fundamentals, should feel a little different than standard coaching. It should communicate a sense of urgency and importance. The coaching before, during, and after the launch is critical to establishing the momentum of the launch. Coaching for Launch Excellence combines coaching and executional excellence to develop a sales team through these three critical phases of introducing a new product, product indication, or marketing initiative. The key to all three phases will be the proper application of coaching and a disciplined approach to excellent execution.

Who should complete this training?

Anyone who manages employees or emerging leaders through the launch of new products, new product indications, or new marketing initiatives.

After completing this program, learners will be able to do the following:

  • Employ good coaching and executional excellence to ensure a successful launch of a new product, indication, or marketing initiative
  • Apply coaching to prepare a team for launch
  • Practice good management and leadership in the execution of a marketing strategy
  • Cultivate and sustain motivation for communicating the marketing message and using all the approved resources during the launch
  • Sustain the momentum of a successful launch after the initial launch period by applying effective coaching skills