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Performance Objectives versus Learning Objectives

Have you ever seen a learning objective like the following for a training program: “By the end of this program you will understand . . .” We see them all the time. The problem with this type of learning objective is that it lacks action. The verb “understand” is not action oriented. The goal of...
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What’s All the Fuss about Proficiency versus Growth Assessment?

On January 17, 2017, the senate confirmation committee asked Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, how she would measure student achievement. She struggled to answer and when pressed, did not seem to know the difference between two common types of student measurements, proficiency versus growth assessment. So what is the difference between proficiency...
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Key to Knowledge Transfer: Self-Directed Learning

Malcolm Knowles, one of the fathers of adult learning theory, wrote the following in his landmark book The Adult Learner:

Teaching is a process of guided interaction between the teacher, the student, and the materials of instruction. Teaching, like medical practice, is mostly a matter of cooperation with nature. The function of the teacher...

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Do you want your learners to be fired up about training?

As trainers, we all know how boring didactic presentations are for learners. The way to combat dull PowerPoint-driven sessions is by knowing, understanding, and mastering your responsibilities as a facilitator of learning. How can you get learners excited about and involved in learning?
  • Know the subject well and be organized. Effective facilitation of learning begins...
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