Developing an Emerging Leaders Program

12:00 PM CT (1:00 PM ET and 10:00 AM PT)

Developing an emerging leaders training program is of paramount importance for organizations seeking sustained growth, innovation, and resilience in an ever-evolving business landscape. First, such a program helps identify and nurture high-potential individuals within the organization who possess the skills, motivation, and vision to lead in the future. By investing in these emerging leaders, companies can ensure a seamless transition of leadership, mitigating the risks associated with sudden vacancies or talent shortages at the top. This proactive approach promotes continuity, stability, and the preservation of institutional knowledge, thus safeguarding the organization’s long-term success.

Second, an effective emerging leaders program equips participants with the necessary leadership skills and competencies to navigate the complexities of modern business. In an era of rapid change, emerging leaders need to be adaptable, innovative, and capable of inspiring teams to achieve strategic goals. A well-structured program provides them with exposure to real-world challenges, mentorship, and opportunities for professional development, allowing them to hone their leadership abilities. Moreover, it fosters a culture of learning and growth within the organization, attracting and retaining top talent while reinforcing the company’s commitment to employee development. Ultimately, investing in emerging leaders not only secures a robust leadership pipeline but also contributes to a more agile, competitive, and future-ready organization.

This webinar will explore how to create an emerging leaders program and share best practices and challenges associated with executing an emerging leader initiative.

Who should participate?
Anyone who develops leaders. All are welcome!

When is the round table?
Monday, September 25 at 12:00 pm CT (1:00 pm ET and 10:00 am PT)

Dave Davis will moderate the 60-minute round table.

How do I register?

It’s easy!

Leadership Round Table

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting, and you can download a calendar placeholder. We will also follow up with an article reprint and a few preparation questions to consider before the session.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! This will be an open forum in which we share development ideas and techniques to ensure our leaders are reaching their full potential.