Employee Development: 4 Signs Your Employees Need More Training
You cannot expect your employees to meet—or exceed—performance expectations if they have not had adequate training or aligned on them with their manager. Employee development starts from the ground up with their immediate manager playing a large role in this process. Here are a few signs your employees may need more training:

Productivity Decreases

A decrease in productivity can be attributed to a number of things, such as a learning curve in new technology or inefficient work processes. Regardless, if employees are producing less output, something is preventing them from reaching performance expectations. A decrease in productivity may suggest additional training is necessary.


A team of people cannot work as one well-oiled machine if they aren’t all on the same page. This means their manager needs to align with them on key expectations. Performance goals are only met when there is alignment and everyone knows what good looks and sounds like for all their vital tasks. Your team may require additional training if there are inconsistencies in work processes—if your employees perform the same tasks in different ways. Inconsistent work processes produce inconsistencies in quality control, which results in poor outcomes.

Skill gaps are another common inconsistency that may indicate there’s a need for additional training. If some employees possess the skills necessary to do their job while others do not, you can expect to see a decrease in productivity.

Evolving Workplace

The workplace is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, organizations are required to make changes to meet consumer demands. These changes often involve the introduction of new work processes and technology, which usually requires employees to learn new skills. You cannot expect employees to adapt to sudden changes and meet new performance expectations with little-to-no training. If these changes are long-term, employees should receive training to better adapt.

High Employee Turnover

Without proper training, employee performance suffers, and the weight of unattainable performance expectations becomes too much to bear. If employees feel they cannot do their jobs to the best of their abilities—and their employers are unwilling to invest in training—they’ll find new jobs. If you’re seeing a lack of morale, dissatisfied employees, and ultimately high employee turnover, it may be time to invest in additional training.

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