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At Romar, we believe passionately that developing a manager’s ability to execute foundational management knowledge, skills, and behaviors flawlessly is the key to long-term success. We have developed more than 15,000 managers.

Sales Representatives

Ultimately, selling is about changing behavior: convincing customers that the benefits of changing their behavior are greater than the cost or discomfort they will experience by not changing. We work with you to develop a sales model and development approach tailored to your organization’s exact needs.

Matrix Teams

As the responsibility of matrix team members grows within organizations, it’s increasingly important for companies to differentiate the value their matrix teams bring to customers, thought leaders, and researchers. Romar understands the importance of value-based customer relationships as well as the skills matrix teams need to sustain these relationships, drive valuable interactions inside the company, and promote deeper discussions. We recognize that an account-based approach involves more than roles and responsibilities. It also addresses a business plan designed to drive results, and each matrix team member must contribute value to that plan.


Interactive, learner-centric development facilitates the effective transfer of knowledge and skills. Five adult learning assumptions form the basis of good instructional design and delivery—self-concept, adult learner experience, readiness to learn, orientation to learn, and motivation to learn. These fundamental principles guide our Trainer Development solutions. Once trainers master these principles, they can use them in any media—eLearning, workshops, webinars, or blended solutions.

Customer Service/Call Center Representatives

Customer service involves more than simply responding to a customer question or complaint. It preserves the relationship and addresses customer recovery when the customer isn’t happy. Good customer service focuses on creating a value-based relationship that supports customer loyalty. We approach customer service by developing relationship development skills, being knowledgeable and able to respond to customer inquiries, and recovering the customer when they aren’t happy.

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