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AI has revolutionized adult learning across all industries. AI bridges the gap between a learner’s potential and the effective application of new skills for organizational success. Here are a few benefits of AI in learning and development:


Curate content quickly

When designing programs, trainers must gather a variety of research and media to support training objectives. However, sourcing these items can be time-consuming. With AI, trainers can curate training content quickly. 

With a few keywords AI can source and summarize relevant research, pull images or videos that support training materials, and even generate PowerPoint presentations. 

Discover new ways of presenting information

Trainers are always looking for creative ways to simplify new concepts. Whether you’re struggling to articulate your thoughts, format a presentation, or present new information with visuals, generative AI can help.

With a list of talking points, generative AI can summarize your content in a way that is easily digestible. For brevity, AI can also create visuals that convey key points and improve overall memorization/retention.

Build interactivity into learning

Learners gain the most from training that is interactive and engaging. The best way to ensure learners absorb new material is by putting their new knowledge and skills to the test through games, simulations, and quizzes.

With generative AI you can create quizzes for training checkpoints. AI can use quiz results to create content specifically tailored to each learner’s unique needs and competencies. This is a great way to provide a personalized learning experience.  

Gain valuable insights about training effectiveness

After concluding a training program, trainers should always analyze performance data to determine the effectiveness of a program. This data can provide insights on how to improve future programs. However, data analysis can be tedious; AI simplifies the process.

AI can generate reports on learner performance and provide suggestions for program improvements and other necessary training for employees.


AI can be a powerful tool for creating and individualizing training. Keep in mind that you are responsible for vetting and citing all AI-generated content you incorporate into a program just as you would for any traditional research sources you incorporate.

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