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In our latest article we discuss the third pillar of Leadership Agility: communication. Communication agility enables leaders to persuade their teams to adopt a new approach, idea, or tool that quickly seizes an opportunity or overcomes a challenge.


What is Communication Agility?

Unprecedented events can cause panic, especially when teams lack direction. Change often requires leaders and their teams to put on their thinking caps and develop creative new solutions, which they have to communicate to their team. This change requires leaders to convince their teams to adopt something new and keep their teams informed during the transition. That’s where communication agility comes in!

When tensions are high and uncertainty threatens morale, leaders must communicate effectively. Effective communication is clear, concise, and correct.


The Three Cs

Clear communication conveys a message that anyone can understand—there is no room for ambiguity! Leaders say what they mean and mean what they say.

Concise communication is specific, simple, and to the point. Concise communicators don’t rely on sophisticated jargon and long-winded explanations to get their point across.

Correct communication is error-free and supported with evidence. Inaccuracies only cause confusion and greater miscommunication. Leaders ensure the information they are presenting is accurate and credible.


How Can Leaders Improve Their Communication Skills?

Improving your communication skills requires self-awareness and practice. Leaders should focus on these key areas:

  1. Sincerity – People respect authentic leaders.
  2. Active listening – Leaders must listen and ask good questions to understand and address unmet needs. 
  3. Preparation – Leaders must familiarize themselves with the issue at hand and all opposing viewpoints surrounding the topic so they know how to respond when faced with resistance.
  4. Action – It’s not enough to “talk the talk”; leaders must “walk the walk,” ensuring their actions align with their words. 

In a six-week series of articles, Romar Learning Solutions will break down the four pillars of leadership agility and what leaders have to gain from leadership agility training. Stay tuned to learn more about the fourth pillar of leadership agility: change.


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