Results-Oriented Coaching Skills

May 2, May 9, and May 23, 2024

2:00–4:00 PM CT

$2,500 per participant

Results-Oriented Coaching Skills (ROCS) provides managers with a simple, effective approach to helping their team members reach their full potential. ROCS uses the latest coaching, research, and technology to develop people to their fullest. It’s designed to overcome logistical challenges through a series of interactive sessions that will develop a manager’s coaching knowledge, skills, and behaviors.


After completing the webinars, participants will be able to:

  • Implement key behaviors of a manager who has a coaching mindset
  • Establish and align on expectations that challenge team members to higher performance levels using Pygmalion management
  • Transfer important knowledge, skills, or behaviors to team members
  • Cultivate team members’ motivation to achieve coaching objectives
  • Provide and document evidence-based feedback that supports development and improves performance
  • Prepare and implement a coaching session to develop and sustain the improvement in team members’ knowledge, skills, and behaviors

Pre-Webinar Assignment

Participants will receive and complete a pre-session assignment that includes reviewing session objectives, establishing personal session objectives, identifying an important initiative to work on during the session, and reading background material about coaching.


Registration is $2,500 per participant (plus 4% handling fee for credit card payments). The fee includes facilitation and all course materials for the webinars.

If you have seven or more trainers who would like to attend, please call us for pricing to arrange an onsite or customized session for your team.

Three weeks before the first webinar, you will receive an invoice with a payment link. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after the registration and payment are completed.

You will receive the pre-webinar assignment two weeks before the first webinar.