3 Challenges Matrix Teams Face - Romar Learning Solutions

Cross-functional teams composed of members from several department teams will encounter challenges as they work toward their shared goals. Romar Learning Solutions shares a few of the challenges matrix teams face:

Lack of clarity around responsibilities

With various departmental origins within a matrix team, there may be some confusion around individual roles and accountability. The cross-functional nature of matrix teams and the involvement of several managers often leaves team members with unclear expectations and what they are specifically accountable for delivering to the team. For matrix teams to be successful, managers must agree on workload and task delegation, clearly communicate their expectations to the team, and define what they are accountable for delivering. 

Managerial conflicts

In the reporting structure of a matrix team, there are departmental and project managers. Departmental managers oversee specific functions (accounting, marketing, etc.) and team members, while project managers ensure the team fulfills tasks relating to the matrix project. With “too many cooks in the kitchen,” there may be conflict around goals and priorities. When the managers can’t agree on something, team members lack clarity and direction. Therefore, managers must prioritize effective communication as they develop a reporting structure that works best for their teams.


For organizations with a matrix structure, it’s not uncommon for team members to be working on several projects at once. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout when team members are overloaded. Therefore, it’s crucial that managers touch base with their employees and other managers to ensure workloads are fair and manageable. Matrix teams are successful when managers leverage team members’ strengths, listen to their concerns, and delegate tasks accordingly.

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