Addressing learning gaps in the workforce is crucial for cultivating innovation and surpassing competitors in oversaturated markets. Romar Learning Solutions offers a few tips for addressing learning gaps in the workforce:

Identify need

As markets shift and become more competitive, the demand for specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors increases—and the associated learning gaps become more apparent. Organizations must proactively address and resolve learning gaps to surpass competitors, which begins with identifying needs. What knowledge, skills, and behaviors are in high demand but short supply?

Analyze and nurture existing abilities

Identifying needs within an organization will require managers to analyze talent and their existing knowledge, skills, and behaviors. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How are those weaknesses impacting efficiency and productivity? Often, all that talent needs to meet or exceed performance expectations is nurturing their existing skills. You can achieve this by designing and implementing training programs that meet employees where they are, building upon their knowledge and expertise.

This process is also known as “upskilling.” Upskilling holds employees accountable for their learning through interactive games, simulations, and role-play activities. Upskilling also benefits managers who need to develop their leadership skills to effectively lead their teams through change.

Acquire new knowledge, skills, and behaviors

As roles evolve, adopting new skills, gaining new knowledge, or mastering new behaviors may be necessary to meet or exceed performance expectations. An application-based approach in which the learner does most of the work in their development has the highest impact.  

Organizations can acquire this knowledge and these skills and behaviors through internal in-person workshops, webinars, or eLearning. On-the-job learning is the most effective approach because it keeps the learner focused on their job while developing them. The learner’s manager can play an important role in this approach.  

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