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Planning for 2024? Effective business planning begins with clarity. A SWOT analysis is one of the best ways to gain clarity. It will allow you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Romar Learning Solutions explains how to perform a SWOT analysis:


In a SWOT analysis, you start by focusing inward and assessing your product’s and company’s strengths. What advantages do you bring to the marketplace that you can capitalize on? Do team members have any unique, specialized skills the organization can leverage for success? What advantages does your product offer? Do you have unique resources and technologies that set you apart from your competitors?


Self-awareness is critical to being effective in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify internal product and organizational weaknesses. Are there skill gaps that impact productivity and operations? What are the drawbacks of your product? Are you lacking advantageous resources and technologies that other organizations are leveraging for success? 


Teams with growth mindsets are always looking to seize new opportunities! A SWOT analysis assesses external events and factors you could seize as opportunities for growth. What market trends could be advantageous for your organization? How can you leverage your strengths to seize new opportunities?


The most successful teams understand the importance of risk mitigation—identifying potential threats and creating a contingency plan. The “T” in SWOT is the first step in creating a strong contingency plan by identifying current—and most important—emerging threats. What external forces could negatively impact operations and productivity? What are the emerging threats that could challenge your success in the marketplace?  

Upon performing a SWOT analysis, you may find that additional training and education are necessary to help team members reach their full potential. At Romar Learning Solutions, we support organizations in creating training programs that drive results. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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