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There are four pillars of leadership agility: discovery mindset, learning, communication, and change. In our latest article, we discuss the first pillar of leadership agility: discovery mindset. Leaders with this mindset are growth-oriented and proactive in their search for new opportunities.


What Is a “Discovery Mindset”?

A discovery mindset is defined as the ability to release mental barriers (such as fear), embrace forward-thinking, and remain open to new ideas and information.

In unprecedented circumstances it’s normal to fear failure and opt for “safer” decisions to avoid making mistakes. However, leaders with a discovery mindset understand that there is more to lose from playing it safe and failing to try new things! These leaders prioritize innovation and take measured risks for long-term success.

Leaders with this mindset are not just trying to survive sudden change; they are looking to thrive long after they’ve carried their teams through change.


Why Is It Important in Leadership?

The way you view change will impact how you—and your team—come out on the other side of it. When we fear change, we tend to make rash decisions and produce subpar work. This fearful approach limits creativity and doesn’t always yield the best results.

When you view change as an opportunity, the possibilities are endless. When you reframe your beliefs around change, you create a culture that supports eager collaboration and welcomes the exchange of new ideas. In a culture that embraces change, employees are passionate about what they do, and they trust their leaders to guide them through change. 

Leaders and teams that approach change with a discovery mindset see improved productivity, revenue growth, and morale.

In a six-week series of articles, Romar Learning Solutions will break down the four pillars of leadership agility and what leaders have to gain from leadership agility training. Stay tuned to learn more about the second pillar of leadership agility: learning.

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