Why Leadership Agility?

The business world is constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, leaders must be agile, adapting to change as it arises and leading their teams through it. Here are 4 surprising statistics that emphasize the importance of leadership agility:

Truly agile organizations or teams are twice as likely to achieve the top quartile in financial performance (Harvard Business Review)

Being able to seize an opportunity as it emerges or prevent a challenge in the early stages are only achieved by agile leaders and teams. Highly agile teams are proactive and take control of their future while reactive teams are always playing catch up or doing damage control. Leaders at all levels are realizing the impact being agile has on the bottom line. Plus, it’s more fun being on a proactive team versus a reactive team!

Companies with agile leaders and employees see revenue growth 37% faster (MIT)

Agile leaders are proactive and prepared. They can quickly and effectively communicate, identify solutions, and seize new opportunities to minimize downtime. With higher productivity comes increased revenue growth. Agility is key to sustaining operations and surpassing competitors.

59% of companies say they don’t possess the fundamentals of leadership agility, like quick decision-making skills (Gallup)

Change can arise with only a moment’s notice. Failing to respond in a timely manner can compromise operations and productivity. Therefore, leaders must know how to act thoughtfully but quickly!

85% of employees show some level of disengagement (The Predictive Index)

Leadership is one of the most influential factors in employee satisfaction and engagement. Without the guidance of an agile leader during unprecedented times, employees are more likely to experience unnecessary stress and burnout. However, an agile leader can create a healthy company culture that supports open dialogue and effective collaboration. When an employee feels supported, they’re passionate about what they do.

Interested in learning more about leadership agility? In a six-week series of articles, Romar Learning Solutions will break down the four pillars of leadership agility and what leaders have to gain from leadership agility training. Stay tuned for more!

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