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2024 is right around the corner! With every new year comes new goals for productivity and revenue growth. To reach and exceed these goals, organizations must nurture their leaders and teams. This begins with investing in training for leadership and staff development. Romar Learning Solutions has created a how-to guide on upskilling in 2024:


Discuss and align on goals

As your team transitions into 2024, it’s time to discuss your individual and team goals for the new year to ensure organizational alignment. Consider:

  • What is the organizational vision (for 2024 or long term)?
  • What are the team members’ objectives and goals for the year ahead?
  • How do these objectives and goals contribute to the overarching organizational vision?
  • What shifts must occur for everyone to better align their individual goals with those of the team and organization?


Reflect on existing skills and performance expectations

The most successful people approach new challenges with a growth mindset. People with growth mindsets recognize that many required skills and abilities are not innate but must be developed through practice and continued education. Essentially, there is always room for improvement, even if that means taking something you are doing well to an even higher level of performance. In what areas do your teams require additional development?

To reach your individual and organizational goals for 2024, you must reflect on your existing skills and performance history. In what areas did you or your team struggle in 2023? What skills require development to improve overall performance in the new year? Do any of your 2024 goals require leaders and team members to adopt new skills?


Create a plan

Now that you have aligned your goals and reflected on areas of opportunity, you can create a plan for upskilling in 2024. With your training budget in mind, determine what training initiatives take priority.

If your leaders struggle to adapt to sudden change and effectively manage teams in the face of challenges, consider prioritizing leadership agility training. If your sales teams failed to meet revenue quotas in 2023, consider implementing sales training that will allow your team to develop a new, effective sales model. If your customer service representatives struggle to create value-based relationships with their customers, consider implementing training that will allow them to develop their communication skills.

Whatever your training needs are, Romar Learning Solutions is ready to assist you in developing training solutions that provide results. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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