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Development (or “upskilling”) should be about helping the learner achieve better results, something practical that benefits the learner or the organization in a tangible way. Therefore, upskilling solutions should be backed by research and experiences that focus on driving results. Romar Learning Solutions explains the process of this adult learning approach:



Learning should be grounded in research that shows real impact. When we develop a learning solution at Romar, we research the latest skill development technology on that subject to ensure that it offers the learner something new. Then we combine that research with our 38+ years experience to develop something practical for the learner. Referencing reputable sources and constantly learning new techniques to incorporate into the design leads to new avenues of practical application for the learner.



We empower learners to be bold so they can execute the competencies or vital tasks of their role with confidence. Too often training is a simple check-the-box type solution instead of an empowered approach to learning that focuses on realistic on-the-job skills the learner needs to develop. At Romar we offer results-driven upskilling techniques that help learners confidently achieve measurable results



The hallmark of great training isn’t that the learner enjoyed it or the project came in done under budget. Great learning helps the learner be more effective at their role—it is results driven, with clear learning objectives—or as we prefer, performance objectives—that guide the development and execution of the learning and leverage creative thinking, research, and experience to build sensible upskilling solutions designed to achieve these outcomes. If the learning doesn’t drive results, then it’s a waste of time and money! 

Interested in learning more about what results-driven upskilling can do for your team and organization? The professionals at Romar Learning Solutions will assess your needs and develop a customized solution that will support individual, departmental, and organizational success. Contact us today!

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