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Quality customer service exceeds simply addressing complaints and concerns. Call center representatives should understand the importance of creating value-based relationships in customer service. Romar Learning Solutions explains how your teams can cultivate value-based relationships:


Show genuine concern or interest

The first step in building value-based relationships with your customers is to demonstrate you understand them and relate to their struggles on a human level. Hear their concerns, validate their feelings and experiences, and act quickly to resolve their issues. When customer service representatives show genuine concern or interest in their customers’ problems, they are more likely to retain their customers’ loyalty.


Know your products and processes

With any relationship, there must be trust and reliability. When customers call with a problem, they trust that the person they are speaking to is knowledgeable about the product or process at hand. Customer service representatives should be so familiar with their products that they are able to address customer concerns efficiently and accurately. Demonstrating knowledge and expertise puts the customer at ease and minimizes time spent on the phone; your customers don’t have all day to spend on the phone, so they respect companies who respond and act quickly.


Be clear and concise

A large part of customer service is communication—but it’s not enough to simply communicate. For improved customer relations, you must communicate effectively. Effective communication is clear and concise. Customers calling with problems often want an explanation with as few details as possible. Customer retention is higher when representatives can convey information in a brief, digestible way.


At Romar Learning Solutions, we understand the importance of nurturing your customer service departments. Interested in learning more about adult learning solutions for customer service and call center representatives? Contact us today!

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