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Matrix teams are composed of cross-functional  team members who come together with a shared goal but report to different departments and managers. Matrix teams must find balance in diversity to leverage individual strengths and resources. Here are 3 tips for working effectively on a matrix team:


Assign roles and responsibilities

Matrix teams have no formal authority roles. Therefore, working on a matrix team requires everyone to take initiative and pull their own weight. Matrix teams are unique because members have their own set of specialities and skills. Identifying each person’s strengths makes delegating tasks much easier. 

Often, matrix teams are composed of members from different departments. If a matrix project requires strategic communication, consider delegating writing tasks to the marketing lead. If a matrix project requires calculations, consider delegating math-related tasks to the accounting lead. 


Identify competency gaps

When there are competency gaps on a matrix team, this can affect productivity across the board. If members are lacking in soft skills such as time management, critical and creative thinking, or conflict resolution, this can impact the entire team. These skills are just as important to success as specialized skills are! Team members should be proactive in developing their soft skills so they can work effectively as a team.


Align expectations and goals

With loyalties to their own departments and managers, matrix team members often struggle to view themselves as part of the same team. However, conflict arises when members view matrix projects as a “me” effort instead of a “we” effort. For a matrix project to be successful, team members must have a shared vision.

While each team member has their own set of objectives and responsibilities, they are all working toward the same vision. The achievement of individual goals should contribute to the overarching team vision.


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