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Trainers who adopt a whole-person approach to development recognize that learners are more than their job titles and skills. They recognize that learners are individuals with unique challenges and experiences. Romar Learning Solutions explains how adopting the whole-person approach can revolutionize your training and development:


Trainers who understand the whole-person approach know that a program is effective only when it meets learners where they are. Training should be tailored to individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Personalization is key to mastery and enables learners to reach their full potential.


Employees are humans—not robots. Therefore, it’s important to consider learners’ mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Performance is only one of many factors that influence organizational success. You can invest in skill development and still not see improvements in performance if company culture and poor management negatively impact your employees’ work lives. Creating a positive environment with supportive, encouraging managers enables learners to successfully implement new skills for greater organizational success.


Personal growth and development are introspective. To take charge of their learning, learners must be self-aware. Learners must reflect on their strengths and weaknesses to better understand and adopt new methods and skills. Trainers should encourage self-reflection by posing thought-provoking questions that lead to discovery. 


Learners have a lot to learn from themselves and others! Collaboration is one of the best ways for learners to gain new perspectives and bounce ideas off others. Furthermore, if learners are still unclear about some concepts, watching their colleagues apply these skills may provide clarity. 


Whatever your training needs are, Romar Learning Solutions is ready to assist you in developing training solutions that provide results. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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