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Many leadership teams hesitate to invest in soft-skills development due to the time commitment, cost, and perceived effectiveness. However, results-driven upskilling engages learners for greater information retention and the effective application of new soft skills. Here are a few organizational benefits to investing in results-driven upskilling:

Saves time and money

Often, management makes the mistake of investing in “flavor-of-the-month” skills training programs that offer little value to employees but are the current hot topic. The programs yield low ROI because they don’t focus on what the learner really needs, which makes senior management hesitant to invest in further training.

Results-driven upskilling actually saves you time and money because it is intentional. It focuses on what will help the learner be more effective in their role in practical ways, minimizing the time spent reviewing unnecessary or irrelevant materials. These training programs enable learners to take charge of their learning by engaging them with hands-on activities for quicker mastery. 

With results-driven upskilling, you’re investing in purposeful development—and that’s a worthy investment!

Increases productivity

Results-driven upskilling promises results. For example, these training programs often utilize gamification to help participants master new skills more effectively. Participants learn real-world applications through simulations, pop-quiz-style games, teamwork, and group discussions. When learners know how to apply their new skills, they meet—and often exceed—performance expectations, dramatically increasing productivity.  

Increases employee retention

How can management prove they value employees? By investing in their professional development, which makes employees feel satisfied in their roles. Trained employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees are loyal.

Results-driven upskilling is tailored to the learners’ needs, which is why it’s so effective in refining underdeveloped skills. Nurturing these unrefined skills will benefit the future organization by preparing leadership successors to step into new roles.


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