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Stewardship Approach to Leadership

In recent years, leadership has shifted from a “command-and-control” approach to an engagement approach. The idea that a leader’s job is to bark orders at people and let them do the work is outdated and would have most direct reports heading for the door. However, hands-off, groupthink-oriented “laissez-faire leadership,” which offers little-to-no direction or communication...
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Continuing Engagement Development for Managers

Most organizations provide a comprehensive initial new manager development program. These programs include the latest research about becoming a great manager, such as innovative programs like the Oz Principle, Situational Leadership, Targeted Selection, and unique team-building events where participants engage in activities like walking around a field blindfolded and holding hands. These approaches are fine,...
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Employee Engagement Development for New Managers

When upper management identifies high-potential candidates for management, it should provide those candidates with a comprehensive preparation program to prepare them to assume a management role. Part of that training should focus on teaching the candidates a basic employee engagement model, how to create an environment that drives engagement, and just as important, how to...
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